Coral reefs form some of the most diverse ecosystems on earth, they provide a home for thousands of colorful marine species including fish. By seeing this beauty, for sure you will be more concerned about the health of coral reefs and the aquatic environment. Join us and become one of the coral reef ambassadors and help protecting them.


Day 1:  Class Room presentation (starts at 9:00 AM)

Day 2:  Two open water dives (starts at 9:00 AM)

 Overviewing PADI CoralWatch knowledge review


      -   PADI CoralWatch distinctive specialty certification

      -   Full dive equipment rental during course

      -   Tea, coffee and drinking water during classroom sessions

      -   Accident insurance during the course

The full course runs over 2 days, but since some of the participants may have busy schedules, the course can be done in one day, so we try to be flexible! The course itself is divided into 3 areas:

-   Academic Training, course overview (classroom and independent study)

-   Briefing and pre-dive procedures

-   Two Open Water Dives 

This Distinctive Specialty course highlights the impact of coral bleaching and provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to identify coral health and record data. The specialty is aimed at snorkelers and divers who like to improve their knowledge about coral reefs.

Academic Topics

In this section, After the classroom presentation you will get more information about the importance of coral reefs, coral bleaching and how to protect them as scuba divers or snorkelers.

You will get familiarize with following topics:

-   Project AWARE

-   CoralWatch

-   Coral Reefs

-   Coral Bleaching

-   Coral Type

-   Coral Health Chart Survey

-   Coral Health Chart Data

-   Coral Health Chart Data Results

Open water diving

You’ll make two open water dives in which you will learn how to identify coral health practically.

Open Water Dive One

-   Demonstrate a controlled entry and descent

-   Demonstrate neutral buoyancy by hovering

-   Identify healthy coral and their different coral types

-   Identify bleached coral and their different coral types

-   Demonstrate understanding of how to measure coral health

-   Take note of any bleached corals

-   Maintain a safe and comfortable distance from the coral while taking notes

-   Perform a proper exit

Open Water Dive Two

-   Demonstrate a controlled entry and descent

-   Demonstrate understanding of how to conduct a complete Coral Health Chart survey

-   Maintain a safe and comfortable distance from the coral while taking notes

-   Perform a proper exit


Minimum age: 10

Perquisite certification: PADI Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water Diver or qualifying certification and snorkeling for snorkelers

Minimum Open Water Training: 1 snorkeling dive for snorkelers

                               2 open water dives for divers                                                          


Dive Persia provides you with other PADI related specialties as well. If you are interested, we recommend other courses such as AWARE Fish Identification and Reef Check Eco Diver Specialties.


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Price:  170 US $

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